Spicy Beef Kabobs

I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone it’s currently prime grilling season.  Grilling beef can get pricey for those tender cuts we all crave.  Enter the beef kabob.

My hero, Alton Brown, has a great recipe for beef kabobs.  It was featured in the Good Eats  episode Dis-Kabob-Ulated. The idea is to take cheaper cuts of meat, but to marinate them so that they aren’t tough and chewy.

Cut the beef into inch and a half cubes.

The marinade for this recipe does a great job of breaking down the tougher cuts of meat, perfect for a cheap cut on the grill.  I combined all the ingredients in the food processor to help with introducing the oil to the vinegar.

Add the beef and marinade to a bag and let sit for at least 2 hours.  The more time the marinade has to break down the beef, the better.

Skewer and grill to desired doneness.  I took mine off once they hit 140 degrees.

You can use any skewers you’d like.  I suggest you check out Dave’s post on skewers for a breakdown on our favorites here at Cook Until Epic.

Served on a bed of rice, with some grilled veggies – these kabobs are a great grilled meal.


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