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Poor Man’s Shrimp Cocktail

Take a quick look at this picture. See anything that doesn’t belong?  Old Bay and Cocktail sauce don’t sound like they’d mix with a head of cauliflower, but you’ll be surprised with the results! Advertisements

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Kitchen Hardware: Thermometer Edition

Thermometers are an important piece of kitchen hardware.  But which belongs in your kitchen – Digital or Bimetal? I compared these two, and was surprised by the results.

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French Onion Soup

It’s a rare occasion that I’m in the mood for soup, let alone in the mood to make it. However, the weather around here is taking an unfavorable turn for the colder; and colder weather is perfect soup weather. One of my … Continue reading

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Strip Steak

Steak. Is there anything that defines grilling more than steak? For that matter, is there anything that lets you know that Spring is finally here more than cooking steaks over an open fire on a clear, warm afternoon with a … Continue reading

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Shish Tawook

However you spell it, it’s delicious. I was first introduced to Shish Tawook in a local Mediterranean restaurant. Our first meeting was a memorable one; the Shish Tawook was served up in Shawarma form, dressed in a coating of Toum … Continue reading

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Alton Brown at Google: Youtube Video

I stumbled upon a really good Alton Brown Q@A session at Google. It was published back in October, but this was the first I’d seen or heard of it anywhere.  Lots of good discussion on Alton Brown, Food, Good Eats, … Continue reading

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A “lets see how this tastes” Dinner. Breaded and Glazed Pork Tenderloin

I use a lot of pork tenderloin in my kitchen.  I usually buy a nice sized (8lb or so) tenderloin and slice it up into 1/2″ cuts and freeze it by the pound .  It’s easy to set some frozen … Continue reading

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How to make a little bit of orange juice a lot of awesome

I hate when this happens. I decided to give it a fill up, but not with oranges.

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