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Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos are an amazing thing. There’s so much going on with them at once; so many contrasting textures and flavors are being combined in the same moment. It also seems like everyone who has ever had a fish taco … Continue reading

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Spicy Beef Kabobs

I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone it’s currently prime grilling season.  Grilling beef can get pricey for those tender cuts we all crave.  Enter the beef kabob.

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Smoked Wings

My smoking obsession still has not faded.  This week, I’ll share how I did my wings.

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Stuffed and Grilled Cubanelle Peppers

In the summer I love to use fresh produce as much as I can and in as many things as I can. A while back some friends of mine showed me this really simple, yet really satisfying dish that quickly … Continue reading

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Steak on the Broiler

For me, Wednesday is the hardest night of the week to cook dinner.  Too tired to put a lot of effort into a meal, and I’ve run out of leftovers from the weekend to reheat.  Often the solution is to … Continue reading

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Doh! Perfect Deep Dish Pizza Crust

I discovered my favorite pizza dough recipe on a few years ago.  It’s quick, easy, and bakes very nicely. Start off by combining all your dry ingredients in a food processor: 1 3/4 cups flour 1/2 tsp. Salt 1/2 … Continue reading

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Smoked Sweet Corn

The smoker isn’t just for meats.  When you smoke sweet corn not only does it come out perfectly cooked but it also evolves the taste something fantastic. Easy prep work, a perfect side dish that will bring you back for … Continue reading

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Kafta, or kofta is one of my favorite ground beef based meals.  Loads of flavor with only a little bit of prep work.  I made everything in my food processor. Recipe and end result after the jump.

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Apple Bourbon Pork Loin

Apple Bourbon marinated pork tenderloin. It sounds pretty fancy. Sounds like something you’ll put some serious time into. That really wasn’t the case. I did very little in the way of preparation for this meal other than warm the grill up … Continue reading

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Smoked Turkey

Well, it took less time than anticipated to unleash a smoked meal post here at Cook Until Epic. I had my parents over a few weeks back for a dinner I prepared on the smoker.  Mom enjoyed it enough that … Continue reading

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