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5-Minute “Ice Cream”

I’m never one to make dessert. Desserts are usually time-consuming to make, and by the time I’m finished eating a meal that I’ve made, I rarely have room for dessert. However, the heat of summer is upon us in full … Continue reading

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Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos are an amazing thing. There’s so much going on with them at once; so many contrasting textures and flavors are being combined in the same moment. It also seems like everyone who has ever had a fish taco … Continue reading

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Debunking Beer Can Chicken

Things have been a little hectic and disorganized around the collective HQs of Cook Until Epic recently, but fear not loyal readers and faithful followers as we’ve got quite the lineup of new content coming soon. In the mean time (and just … Continue reading

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Stuffed and Grilled Cubanelle Peppers

In the summer I love to use fresh produce as much as I can and in as many things as I can. A while back some friends of mine showed me this really simple, yet really satisfying dish that quickly … Continue reading

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Kafta, or kofta is one of my favorite ground beef based meals.  Loads of flavor with only a little bit of prep work.  I made everything in my food processor. Recipe and end result after the jump.

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Epic Leftover Lunch: Cuban Pork Sandwich

After making the pre-marinated apple bourbon pork loins the other night, I had some of it left over. One of my weaknesses is a good Cuban sandwich. There’s just something about the crunch of the bread mixing with the tang … Continue reading

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Apple Bourbon Pork Loin

Apple Bourbon marinated pork tenderloin. It sounds pretty fancy. Sounds like something you’ll put some serious time into. That really wasn’t the case. I did very little in the way of preparation for this meal other than warm the grill up … Continue reading

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I love hummus. It’s such a versatile thing. It can be a meal, a side, a condiment, an appetizer, anything really. When Nate and I got together to make Kofta one night, I decided to make a batch of hummus … Continue reading

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Kitchen Hardware: Skewer Edition

The image above is of five different skewers, and they are obviously all different. There are pros and cons to each of them, but which one is the best? I tested each of them and while some of the results … Continue reading

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Grilled Steamed Corn

Corn on the cob may be one of the most well-defined summertime side dishes ever. I’ve had it cooked almost every way imaginable. I’ve boiled it, steamed it, roasted it, and grilled it. But for dinner the other night, I … Continue reading

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