Smoked Wings

My smoking obsession still has not faded.  This week, I’ll share how I did my wings.

I started with just a bag of frozen wings and let them thaw, nothing special.

Once they’d thawed out in the fridge over night, I lubed them up with olive oil and rubbed them down with some garlic herb wing rub (no recipe unfortunately.  I bought this at the grocery store in the spice section.)  I plan on making my own in a future post.  Nothing’s wrong with finding something in the store as a baseline to start getting ideas.

You’ll notice I’ve got the wings in baskets.  These are just $2.99 grill baskets from walmart that I cut the handles off and made hooks to hang them from the grill grate.  I went this route due to space limitations.  I was able to fit a lot more wings in the basket, than had I  just used the grate surface.

It was a little tricky to hang them on the grate, and then add the grate to the smoker.  A helping hand would make this part a little easier, but I managed on my own.

Once the wings were in the smoker, I just had to wait.  Cook time was about 3 hours at about 280 degrees.  I made sure the smoke was constantly rolling because the skin tends to block the smoke from penetrating the meat (just like the turkey I had smoked previously).  Smoking the wings at a higher temperature helps crisp the skin as well.

If you do use a hanging basket system similar to what I did, I suggest you keep a sample of your meat on the grill grates as well.  You can take temp samples much easier this way.  It’s more important to pay attention to the temperature than the cook time.

I pulled the wings off once they hit 165 degrees.

I was very pleased with how these turned out.  Nice golden brown skin, the meat even had a nice pink smoke ring.  I would have liked the skin to be a little crispier, the next time I make these I think I’ll send them to the broiler for only a few minutes just to get things a little crispier.

When time to serve, top with your favorite wing sauce and enjoy.

I used some of my wing rub mixed into butter, and Red Hot.  Unhealthy, but delicious.

Smoking wings was definitely an easier project than say a pork butt or beef brisket.  Keep an eye on the temperature, and don’t leave them on the smoker longer than needed.  Seasoning the wings isn’t a requirement either.  You’ll be amazed at the flavor from just smoking them.

It’s easy to eat more than you’d imagine you could.  A party with a few friends will send you through a few dozen quickly.  I highly suggest some sort of basket if your smoker can accommodate it.  I covered my Brinkmann smoker in this post.  I’d love to hear about your wing smoking in the comments!


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