Epic Leftover Lunch: Cuban Pork Sandwich

Extreme Closeup

After making the pre-marinated apple bourbon pork loins the other night, I had some of it left over. One of my weaknesses is a good Cuban sandwich. There’s just something about the crunch of the bread mixing with the tang of the mustard, rich melted cheese, the sweet smoky flavor of the ham and the savory goodness of the roasted pork. It’s comfort food at its finest. I might not have had the ingredients on hand to make a traditional Cuban, but I’d like to think I did well with what I had.

Sliced leftover pork loinI started off by slicing the leftover pork loin into roughly 1/4″ thick pieces. Sadly, I didn’t have a loaf of Cuban bread handy; so I spread my condiments onto some pre-sliced Italian bread from a local bakery.
Mustard and relishThe mustard is nothing noteworthy (other than the fact that it’s a liquid being sold by weight), just your average grocery store purchase. However, the Pickles & Peppers relish? Fantastic stuff. Traditionally, a Cuban sandwich has thinly sliced pickles layered onto it. I didn’t have pickles, and even if I did I would more than likely have used this relish instead. I’m not sure what the availability of this stuff is outside of the Toledo area but I make a point to get some of it whenever I’m near a Tony Packo’s. Klinger would be proud.
Assembly Complete I layered the condiments, sliced pork, some deli ham (like the mustard, nothing special) and some provolone cheese onto my bread. I ended up using provolone simply because I was out of swiss. I melted some butter in a small non-stick skillet and then placed the assembled sandwich into it for a quick toasting and cheese melting. A few minutes later I was treated to the image that I opened this post with; a non-traditional but ever so tasty Cuban sandwich. Not too bad for a late afternoon lunch.



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