Kitchen Hardware: Thermometer Edition

Thermometers are an important piece of kitchen hardware.  But which belongs in your kitchen – Digital or Bimetal?

I compared these two, and was surprised by the results.

The thermometers:

  • Cooper Bi-Metal from Sam’s Club.  Came in a 2 pack for $6
  • Thermoworks RT600C-N from for $20

After washing, I tested both immediately.  Right away, the Thermoworks had an advantage.

Tip size!

The tip on the Thermoworks is so much smaller than the Bi-Metal.  Much easier to test in  a piece of meat.  It’s like comparing a toothpick with a telephone pole.

The Boiling Test

Boiling results were identical.  From room temperature, the digital came to temp about 10 seconds faster than the bi-metal.

Ice Water Test

Identical results again!  As before, the bi-metal was slower, coming to temp about 5 seconds after the digital.


I was very impressed to see that the bi-metal was accurate right from the package.  It has an adjustment screw to correct for errors, which would need to be used as the thermometer ages.  For now?  It’s good to go.

The digital was much nicer to use.  I can’t express how much I prefer the thin tip.  The reading speeds are also much faster than the bi-metal.

If I could choose one over the other, I would pick the digital every time.  Regardless of which you choose, there’s no reason to not have a thermometer in your kitchen.  Don’t have one? Get one.


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2 Responses to Kitchen Hardware: Thermometer Edition

  1. Briana says:

    We owned the Sam’s Club metal thermometer and it worked great at first, but after a while the screw loosened and we constantly had to adjust it…… go digital, always go digital! We now use a little device we bought at home depot that is an Infrared Digital Thermometer gun with laser pointer Measuring Tool and we use that to measure the temp of food. We also use it to measure the room we are cooking in and its square footage, lol!

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