How to make a little bit of orange juice a lot of awesome

I hate when this happens.

an empty OJ bottle is not the key to a happy morning.

I decided to give it a fill up, but not with oranges.


These guys were just chilling on the counter waiting to be put to use.

Step 1.  Slice

Removing the pit is always a pain.  I usually cut the mango in half and pull it apart which splits the pit.  Once you’ve removed the pit, peeling off the skin is easily done by hand.

Step 2.

Take your mango halves and dump them into the food processor.



Step 3.

Once blended, add your sad little remaining orange juice and blend some more.  I had half a lemon on hand and added the lemon juice as well, though not required.  

Once you’re done, pour it all back into the orange juice bottle.  If you’re a fan of orange juice with pulp, you could drink this as is.  I like to freeze it in ice cube trays or add a bit to plain vanilla yogurt for a smoothie.

Mango Mixture


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